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Rosen Trevithick

About Rosen Trevithick

Rosen was born in Cornwall. She studied psychology at Oxford before moving back to the West Country.

She now lives in Falmouth with two imaginary cats, fantasising about getting a real one.

Readers have downloaded over a quarter of a million copies of Rosen's books. Several titles have broken into the Amazon charts, including a number 1 humorous fiction bestseller.

Praise for Rosen Trevithick

- The Independent
"The characters are engaging, the plot tightly woven with enough twists and turns to maintain momentum, and the book deals with important themes in a very sensitive and thought provoking manner. I particularly admired the language, which treads an admirably fine line between moments of humour and the serious consideration of themes such as mental illness."
- Alex Roddie (Author)
"The Other Daughter is a deeply moving and emotional read."
- D. Jones
"Oh my goodness, what a laugh!"
- J. Allison
"Who dunnit humour at its best."
- P. Jones
"... a marvellously entertaining read and I recommend it."
- Damaskcat (Amazon Top 50 Reviewer)
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Seesaw - Volume I

Seesaw - Volume I
A Collection

Whose are those strange knickers at the foot of the bed? Is the kidnapped girl gone forever? How do you transport a dead dog across central London? What on earth is wrong with the man next door? And is he going to kill me?

So called because of its alternation between laugh out loud comedy and more sinister, psychological tales, Seesaw showcases some of Rosen's most loved shorts, alongside some previously unpublished bite-sized tales.



The Other Daughter

There's Something Wrong With the Man Next Door

London, the Doggy and Me

Introducing Boris

On the Rocks

The Selfish Act

Is He Going To Kill Me?

Lipstick and Knickers

The Other Mother

Knitting Man at the Door

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Praise for Original Novella (contained in the threesome)

"The ups are oh so funny, the downs are quite heartbreaking. I am not ashamed to say I was in tears more than once. The last story just blew me away when I got to it. This is definitely the best collection of stories I've read in a long while and I'm sure I will read them again."
- J. Stacey (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)

"It gets five stars because there's one tale which instantly won me over. The preface - Rosen's own story. Although this defies review, it's the one that is likely to linger in your mind longer than the rest, and impress you the most."
- David Wailing (Author)

"Each one of these stories is a little masterpiece. They are all gripping, well paced and the characterisation is superb. The quality of the writing is flawless."
- L K Jay (Author)