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Rosen was born in Cornwall. She studied psychology at Oxford before moving back to the West Country.

Readers have downloaded over a quarter of a million copies of Rosen's books. Several titles have broken into the Amazon charts, including a number 1 humorous fiction bestseller.

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- The Independent
"Read this book during my lunch break laughed so much I spilt my lunch on my top."
- D. Cryle (Amazon Reviewer)
"A very short story which made a very big impact, I actually found myself at one point holding my breath."
- A. Coburn (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)
"The Other Daughter is a deeply moving and emotional read."
- D. Jones

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03.09.2013 10:26

Real Life Grannies Who Write Erotica

Comedy novella, My Granny Writes Erotica, features a 65-year-old pensioner who writes erotica to get herself out of debt. We're conditioned to imagine that erotica is written by young, glamorous insatiable women, but is it really? I've done a little research into real life grannies (and older women) who write erotic fiction.

Desiree Holt - Texas - Age 77

This Texan grandmother is a bestselling author of bondage, threesome, and sadomaschocistic sex novels, according to The Daily Mail. Like my protagonist, Desriee planned to fulfil her life-long dream of writing fiction but then picked up an erotic novel and her ambitions took a saucy twist.

Desiree is reported to have said about one of her erotic pieces, 'My novella All Jacked Up, I wrote for my son, because I wanted him to settle down.' (As you do.)

Desiree Holt

Desiree Holt

KD Grace - UK - Age Unknown

The exact age of KD Grace does not appear to be in the public domain but the '54' in her Facebook url, and the slight distinguished quality to her attractive appearance suggests that she's now nearing 60. Hardly over the hill, but like Betty, KD Grace enjoys vegetable gardening and walking, which hardly fits the image that most people imagine when they think of erotic novelists.

Jackie Collins - Beverly Hills - 75

Although we don't generally think of Jackie Collins as an erotic novelist as such, there are steamy scenes in many of her books - enough for the Guardian to term her 'Queen of the bonkbuster'. Jackie is now 75 and her career as a romance novelist is still going strong.

I could go on, but I think it's fair to say that authors of erotica come in all shapes and sizes and across a wide spectrum of ages and generations. Whilst the humour in My Granny Writes Erotica relies on incongruence, it's clear that the contract is between Betty and people's expectations, rather than between Betty and the erotic novelist reality.

Oddly enough, despite the huge variety of erotic novelists out there, The Mirror managed to find a selection that are all young, beautiful and.or big-boobed.


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